ART-SKIP is an ongoing project that takes 'Generous', one of the pieces from my degree show, out of the gallery and on the road. 'Generous' was an 8 yard steel builders skip, painted gloss white and balanced on its edge in the corner of the gallery. White, unmarked and unused 'Generous' was a skip as empty, pristine and as delicate as a skip can be. Now as ART-SKIP it's out living the life of a skip picking up the knocks, scrapes and patina that make each skip unique.

If you rent the ART-SKIP or spot it on your travels please snap a photo of it and send it to me at: with a note of where it was, anything interesting that you noticed in it and when the photo was taken. All the images I gather will be included in a publication printed for a future exhibition, If you would like your photo credited to you and to be kept informed about the future of ART-SKIP please remember to give me your name and contact details. Thanks a lot!!

With thanks to Caledonia Containers and Capital Skips

     'Generous' 2012 'Generous' by night in the degree show at Edinburgh College of Art On itOn it's way 'Generous' leaves the art college and goes into service for capital Skips 12 September 201212 September 2012 Straiton, Edinburgh